Aide Technique

Aide Technique

Cork opener automatic One Touch

Tire bouchon automatique
Suitable for cork stoppers and synthetic Stand-alone operation The little + is provided with the cut-capsule Runs on batteries not supplied Clean with a soft cloth
Opener jar One Touch Opener jar One Touch 2
  • -€10.00
Aide Technique

Opener jar One Touch

Ouvre bocal One Touch
€29.90 €39.90
Opener jar electric Automatic Adaptation to the size of the cover Compatible with caps from 2.5 to 10.1 cm For right-handed or left-handed Available in white or black
Open box, One Touch II Open box, One Touch II 2
Aide Technique

Open box, One Touch II

Ouvre boite One Touch II
For boxes whose diameter is between 5.2 and 15.3 cm Automatic Easy cleaning Storage easy Light Ergonomic ABS food Available in white or black 2 batteries LR6 not supplied
Aide Technique

Bottle opener automatic

Ouvre bouteille automatique
Opens or closes the caps automatically with a push of a button Descelle the cap in an instant Close tightly the bottle to preserve freshness 2 adapters are provided to suit all sizes of caps Cleaning and storage easy Works with 2 batteries LR06 not provided
Aide Technique

Mandolin automatic One Touch

Mandoline automatique One Touch
A button and the blades are functioning only Two poussoires for all vegetables Interchangeable blades (sliced or julienne) with storage incorporated Tray transparent serving as a lid for easy storage System auto-lock for total security
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